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Krzysztof Pieczyński - portfolio
Krzysztof Pieczyński
Krzysztof Pieczyński

Director & Screenwriter

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Documentary film "A Missing Word" (Brakujące słowo);

This is the story of ochweśnicki language which know only few people in Ślesin neighborhood (polish village, located close to Konin). Movie shows us genesis of this phenomenon and also comments symbols present in our life which are mostly overlooking by majority of people.

  • 24 min. TVP1, in 2007.


Documentary film "The Encounter" (Spotkanie)

Story of sensitive and intelligent young man who loves opera.
He breakes his shyness going to the concert in Warsaw to give a rose to his favourite singer.

  • 27 min. TVP1, in 2007.


Television Drama "The English Lesson" (Lekcja angielskiego)

  • writer: Krzysztof Pieczyński
  • director: JarosLaw Marszewski
  • Two people closed in room relate their experiences which left memorable footprints in their hearts. One can find there stories fragrant with the rain. It appears that outside is the war and they are hiding. But if this girl exists? If the war really is going on?

    • 60 min. TVP2, in 2003





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